KuKirin G3 Pro Dual Drive Scooter elettrico fuoristrada Pneumatici da 10 pollici con motore 1200 W * 2, batteria rimovibile 52 V 23,2 Ah, resistenza massima 80 km, doppio freno a olio

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🔋 Detachable 52V 23Ah Battery
🕤 65 kph Max. Speed
⚡70-80 kilometers per charge
⚙️Dual 1200W Powerful motor
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Perché scegliere KuKirin G3 PRO

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Patinete eléctrico KuKirin G3 PRO🚀UN AVIÓN🚀 Lo tiene todo😬Meto en circuito 2400w 65 Km/h
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Brand: KuKirin
Model: G3 Pro
Color: Black

Basic Specification

Net Weight: 39.6 kg
Unfolded Size: 1295x630x1360 mm
Folded Size: 1295x630x595 mm
Length of Handlebar: 650 mm
Ride Height: 180 mm
Size of Footboard: 517x199 mm
Recommended Rider Heights: 150-200cm (4’11”-6’7”)
Max Load: 120 kg
Uphill: 35(Dual Drive), 25(Single Drive)
Max Speed: 65 km/h
Max Range: 80 km
Speed Levels: 25/45/55km/h (Single Drive), 25/45/65 km/h (Dual Drive)
Waterproof Level: IP54
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Braking System: Front & Rear Oil Brakes


Rated Power & Voltage: 1200W, 52V
Max Instantaneous Power: 1500W
Max RPM: 1950
Max Output Torque: 30 Nm


Four-Arm Shock Absorption


Capacity: 23.2Ah
Voltage: 52V
Charging Time: 4h(5A Charger), 5-6h(4A Charger), 11h(2A Charger)
Power Capacity: 1040Wh
Protection System: Yes


Input: 100-240V, 2.5A
Output: 58.8, 2A


Size: 10"
Type: Off-Road Pneumatic Rubber Tires
Best Tire Pressure: 345KPa


Type: LCD
Size: 133x78x63 mm
Content: Speed, Voltage, Distance, Speed Level, Battery Level, Light, etc.


Size: 1310x300x615 mm
Gross Weight: 45 kg

Package List

1 x E-Scooter
1 x User Manual
1 x Charger
1 x Air Pump
1 x Tool Kit

Note: the max range is achieved under the following conditions: 65kg load, 26 Celsius temperature, constant speed (level 2), on flat roads with no strong wind.